Each product has new technology

Xugong Group


In 1989, XCMG was officially established. 76 years of concentration and 30 years of innovation. XCMG has always maintained the leading position in China's construction machinery industry. It is a large-scale enterprise group with large scale, complete product varieties and series, unique competitiveness and influence in China's construction machinery industry.

The world's construction machinery industry ranks sixth, and China's top 100 machinery industry ranks fourth. The calm and atmospheric XCMG group adheres to the responsibility and mission of a big country and heavy equipment, and steadily moves forward on the road of industry serving the country.

Serve the motherland and take responsibility for the world! In the future, XCMG will adhere to the core values of "taking on a big responsibility, walking on the road and becoming a great tool" and the enterprise spirit of "being strict, practical, progressive and innovative", constantly climb to the dream of Everest, and become a world-class enterprise with global trust and unique value creativity!

XCMG XCMG, help you succeed!

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